About us

Kenwex a.s.

For our clients we burn since 1997 when our company was founded and we started to produce advertising and promotional matches as well as standard matches. To date, we have created a loyal clientele that continues to grow as we reach new types of matches. Kenwex a.s. for the past 15 years has specialised in manufacturing and distributing matches. During that time we have become experts at producing Book matches and Box matches and as one of the few, we offer promotional and advertising Long fireplace matches and Fire lighters possible with own customised imprint. Our offer includes matches of all conceivable variations. For most of our promotional matches it is possible to choose from 16 different colours for match heads. Clients may choose black sticks for box matches and from 5 colours for the book matches (of match combs).

In our product range you will find 70 different types of box matches, book matchesmatches and lighters for stoves and grills with their own printing . We can also offer, among other things tear away paper matches, book matches produced from recycled paper where it is also possible to print directly onto the comb. Or we can produce matches 10 cm long , which provide the largest area of advertising space for your logo which are ideal greeting cards, invitations or Christmas cards.

There are a number of extra features which can be added to the book matches, it is possible to have a matchbook with a condom , paper puzzle, scratch card or as a tear away business card. Long fireplace matches are available from 9 cm to 20 cm in length. We also have special matchboxes in shape of rollers, matches with two drawers or matches produced from eco materials.

For the production of our matches we use offset print or with a label we use high quality digital printing. Matches with sticker labels can be produced from as low as 50 pieces. Our company will take care oof everything from artwork design, production to delivery. We will work wiith you to finalise your designs and prepaire everything the way you want it for production.

Advertiasing matches as promotional gift are an idealt way to promote your business as they will not end up in the trash. Could someone throw away a fire? This way your promotional gift has practical use and remains in the hands of your client, unless you have used the last match.

How beautifully will your logo look on matches by the fireplace, barbecue party or lighting candles in the restaurant. Matches and sparklers are an ideal gift at the end of the year for your clients especially on sparklers which are a popular end of the yeat gift.

Advertising and promotional candy, sweets and chocolates

Since 2007 we have developed a new area which offers a wide range of promotional sweets and candy so that we cound start to work with clients for whom matches were not an ideal promotional product. In this area we represent one of the biggest European companies, whos offer is constanly expanding and growing so we can always offer clients something new. We strive to offer high quality products made from high quality ingredients to meet the needs of our clients.

Advertising and promotional nail files

In 2009 we have introduced a new product to our already wide range, advertising nail files. We offer a range of sizes an colours, we use a high quality digital printer which makes it possible to print photographs.

KEN design

Part of our company is also a local store in one of the biggest shopping centers in the Czech Republic Forum Nová Karolina v Ostravě. In our shop we offer a wide range of home accessories; ceramic vases, crocklery, cutlery, porcelain and moderní home decoration from worlds known brands ASA, UMBRA, DRESCHER, LINUM, ENVIROSAX, home made glass clocks of the brand Carneol.

For fragrance of your home we offer one of the world's most sought brands of candles YANKEE CANDLE, which will fill your home with amazing scents. In our store you will also find luxury cosmetics from AMÉLIE & MELÁNIE and French natural cosmetics LOTHANTIC and SALUS.